about us

We are a not-for-profit organisation passionate about helping  entrepreneurs succeed

Safe(r) entrepreneurship was founded by Tobi Nagy & Guy Wilson with the goal of helping aspiring entrepreneurs succeed, rather than adding to the majority of entrepreneurs who fail (often with deadly consequences!).

Tobi Nagy is a serial entrepreneur, professional educator, and founder of a number of ventures including The Global Entrepreneur Academy and Asia Venture Lab.

Tobi has 30 years of experience running his own enterprises, in areas such as food, fashion, eco-tourism, cleantech, consulting services, sustainability, renewable energy, and mining.

LinkedIn: Tobi Nagy

Guy Wilson successfully co-founded one of Australia’s largest software development companies. 

Guy has since founded several other successful ventures including The Connect Collaborative. Having been a successful entrepreneur his entire working life, Guy is now driven to help aspiring entrepreneurs and employees succeed as entrepreneurs.

LinkedIn: Guy Wilson

We also have trusted relationships with many other successful founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, business angels, and venture capitalists, who are genuinely willing to help other aspiring entrepreneurs through the pitfalls of starting and running their own businesses.

In many cases, you may be currently employed and wondering if there is something more in your future than being an employee all your life. You may be also wondering, how, where or when should I start my own business?

Maybe you want a better work-life balance, more control and freedom in your life, and are looking for a side hustle, or maybe you’re just tired of the corporate politics and looking for something different.

It’s important to know that we have no specific business ideas to offer you and that we have nothing to sell to you.

However, we do know what it takes to be successful and we are happy to provide a sounding board and make some suggestions and help you make relevant connections.

It is also important to know that you don’t need specific ideas to start your entrepreneurial journey. 

In fact, our observations are that those without preconceived ideas are often more successful than those who are excited about a particular idea.

In this uncertain world, there are plenty of opportunities around. Our philosophy is to build your team and network first, then discover opportunities you may want to pursue.

Isn’t it better to explore opportunities and figure them out first, rather than to jump into any preconceived idea, without properly validating it, only to find that over time your idea will not work and could send you broke (or cause you to struggle to a “slow death”  like 70% of entrepreneurs do)?

 Source: Daniel Priestly

Let’s have a quick chat

Feel free to connect with either Guy or Tobi on LinkedIn to start a discussion that could result in a “Safe(r)” entrepreneurial journey for you.
Better yet fill in the form on this site with some details about what you are looking for and we’ll get back to you.

Check the brutal facts yourself.

Most entrepreneurs either fail or achieve very mediocre results.

Why are we prepared to help?

Entrepreneurship is tough enough without trying to do it on your own!

We have a strong heart for like-minded (willing to pay it forward) fellow entrepreneurs.

We are prt of a group of successful entrepreneurs on a mission to help those with an aligned entrepreneurial mindset to create the massive success they deserve – safely.

We are willing to help those who also have a pay-it-forward attitude.

We’ve seen too many great people experience the pain of business failure, including

  • Financial loss (no one wants to lose their home)
  • Stress, relationship break-downs, lack of confidence and even mental health issues

In many cases, the failures causing such issues could have been avoided and replaced by massive success instead!

So, let’s begin with a chat about what you are wanting to achieve?