Are you a “high-value” person?

High value network

How many times have you come across good opportunities that you didn’t know what to do about because you didn’t have the right team or network to follow through? Well, a “high-value” person is someone that has the ability to lead and influence others to make things happen for themselves and others. They are influential people, who are viewed as connectors and are instrumental in joining the dots to get deals done.  However, as much as there is a perception that high-value people are often charming and persuasive, this is not always the case. High-value people are able to build themselves around the most basic foundations of trust, integrity, honesty, and a “no b.s.” approach.  Their “can-do” attitude comes through their ability to leverage their leadership capabilities around their basic foundations and also their hard work to build solid networks and relationships effectively.

 “High-value” persons are able to create what we call high-value partnerships (HVPs).  A HVP is a coalition of “loose” ties which can provide great strength for new leveraging opportunities.  HVPs can provide amazing collaboration potential, and studies have shown that the “looseness” of the partnership’s ties can provide better idea generation and swapping, than “closely” bonded ties, which have more emotional connections.  

Furthermore, high-functioning HVPs provide a place of trust, where people feel safe with you, and are built around “shared” values.  These “shared” values that will form the group’s identity (culture), which will inherently form the bonds and ties of the group’s relationship.  Having shared values will go a long way towards building rapport and eventually trusted relationships and partnerships, which will make collaboration much easier, and allow you to leverage opportunities more quickly.  Closing deals could therefore be much easier because of the ability to leverage those trusted ties.  Also, when difficulties arise, there will often be a common understanding of how to resolve those difficulties based on a common foundation of understanding.  

So, next time you get a great opportunity falling in your lap, think about who you know, what resources you need, and how can you leverage your existing relationships based on the trusted people you already have in your network, and if you don’t have those trusted relationships, then now is the time to start building your High-Value Partnerships, beginning with defining your “shared” values, and what you want from a great partnership.  Having this clear will allow you to attract the types of people you want in your life and want to do business with.


About the author:

For over a decade, Tobi Nagy has been researching the entrepreneurship field and has developed a number of university courses in this field, and lectured and tutored in entrepreneurship and business at some of Australia’s leading universities and institutions. He is also one of the few academics who has founded (and continues to run), several successful businesses. Tobi is also the founder of The Global Entrepreneur Academy and co-founder of the Asia Venture Lab (a venture studio for the commercialisation of sustainability technologies in S.E. Asia).