How to build High-Value Partnerships

Jim Collins in his book, “Good to Great”, famously wrote about getting the right people on the bus.  What if you took that one step further and deliberately and consistently looked for High-Value Partners (HVP)?

What is a HVP?

  • Someone who likes and trusts you enough to deliberately advocate you to great contacts who trust them (in other words, your ideal contacts).
  • Someone who has many trusted high-value relationships.
  • Someone who is continually and deliberately expanding their high-value trusted relationships.
  • Someone who trusts you enough to edify you and sing your praises to your ideal contacts.
  • Someone for whom you are always top of mind.
  • Someone who will introduce you to new ideas, opportunities, and discoveries that interest you.
  • Someone that will want to collaborate with you, when new suitable opportunities arise.
  • Someone who is a great sounding board for you.
  • Someone whose success and integrity you admire and whose advice you value.
  • Someone that wants to work with you to help you succeed (and in turn helps you succeed), as a “rising tide lifts all ships”.

What if you had many such relationships?

  • How much more business and how many more golden opportunities would you be continually presented with if you were able to foster such relationships?

What results are you likely to achieve by developing HVPs compared with typical marketing campaigns?

  • We all know the power of viral and “word-of-mouth” advertising.
  • How much does a digital marketing campaign cost, from which you are uncertain of getting any concrete results?
  • How much does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) cost?
  • What about expensive social media advertising such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.? 
  • What about all the time and effort you spend posting content on social media to build your personal brand (or the cost of others posting such content)?
  • What is the lasting impact of developing such campaigns compared with developing long-lasting relationships?

How would you become a HVP for others?

  • By finding and developing relationships with like-minded others and then finding ways of connecting them with their ideal contacts.
  • In other words, you take the first steps of adding value to build trust.

Where would you “fish” for potential High-Value Partners?

  • LinkedIn is like a goldmine, but you need to use great tools to help you quickly find the gold.
  • Most LinkedIn profiles are boring to review because they are completely uninspiring, and are centred on what technical skills they have, rather than how they can help others.
  • However, a small percentage are inspiring – how can you quickly find them?
  • You must use the latest technology to save thousands of hours of repetitive, tedious work.
  • For example
    • Learn how to construct better searches using a Boolean text string, where experienced others can help you with this.
    • Learn how to further refine the results of your Boolean searches using highly effective point-scoring algorithms, to find the “golden nuggets” you are looking for to build like-minded relationships, so you are not wasting time “sorting the wheat from the chaff”.
    • Ensure your LinkedIn profile is “optimised”, so that it attracts others because of who you can introduce them to rather than what you can do for them.
    • Ensure your LinkedIn messaging is personalised and not robotic, irrelevant, spammy, or “salesy”, but rather, it should be sending out a message of wanting to create a genuine connection with others.
    • Ensure your LinkedIn connection requests immediately result in an online meeting rather than merely yet-another-connection, that leads nowhere.

We firmly believe in the power of proactively building your network with like-minded others.  Knowing how to effectively develop HVPs could be a  game-changer for your personal brand and your business.


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