What’s Possible?

Let’s say you are currently an employee who has not yet created a business.

Let’s assume you deliberately build a community with like-minded others. In other words, you deliberately look for others with a pay-it-forward attitude and help them to meet their ideal contacts.

After building a large community, someone you have built trust with advocates you to the vendor of a subscription-based technology product that has been highly successful in overseas markets – but just not yet in your market. 

You discover that this software product is easy to understand and highly scalable.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay upfront for this product because instead of engaging in an expensive marketing campaign, the vendor is looking for someone with an extensive network (you) to do the marketing on their behalf. The deal is you return 30% of each sale to them. They have already recouped their development costs, so they see the sales you generate as a source of increasing ongoing income.

Now, because you have helped so many people in your community connect with highly relevant others, they have been just waiting for the opportunity to return the favour to you. Now they have it!

You and the software developer are both looking for a large and increasing sales volume. Your community trusts you, loves the idea and become raving fans – job done! 

That was relatively easy. Now, most likely, you’ll want to find another product where you can repeat the process. Watch out you may soon be called “a serial entrepreneur”!

What was your asset here? That’s right, it’s your network!

This example shows how easy it can be to transition SAFELY from employment to entrepreneurship.

By Guy Wilson