Always begin with the end in mind!

We highly recommend you watch this brilliant video by Vishen Lakliani to help clarify your End goals and Means goals.

Achieving your End Goals is much more predictable when you build your community of advocates before you have any ideas for specific products or services.

Then it doesn’t matter what you do; the community will support you (rather than your products or services).

This is why in “Good to Great”, Jim Collins says your starting point should be getting the right people on the bus.

If you want to achieve more but are unsure where to start, learn how to build your community first and focus on your business ideas second.

Proactively building your community, among many other benefits, will help clarify your direction and give you more confidence to take your next steps.

Think of community-building as a productive holding pattern that will help you figure out your next steps and ensure greater success when you eventually make your move.

In the meantime, hang on to your current source(s) of income or develop new sources of income that will support you while you transition to becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

By Guy Wilson